The Importance of Chiropractic Care for PregnancyPregnancy is a joyous and exciting time for any family that is gearing up to welcome its much-anticipated newest member. It’s an awe inspiring experience to create a new life and to witness what the human body is capable of. It truly is a miracle!

Unfortunately for many women, their months of pregnancy are also a time of great discomfort. The mother’s body goes through tremendous changes while it is literally expanding from the inside out in order to accommodate the growing baby inside. Some of these changes result in pain, pressure, difficulty sitting or standing and even difficulty sleeping. In a worst case scenario, the baby may be sitting on the sciatic nerve causing very uncomfortable side effects.

Many women seek comfort and relief through pregnancy-safe over-the-counter pain relievers (with their doctor’s approval), stretching, prenatal yoga and the use of specially designed pregnancy pillows. However, for those with extreme or even moderate back, hip, leg or neck pain, a wonderful solution is to seek out a medical professional who is experienced in the area of chiropractic care for pregnancy.

We are very much aware of the endless benefits of chiropractic care for general wellness, but the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy are not as well-known. A pregnant woman may visit a chiropractor during the very late stages of her pregnancy when the discomfort becomes unbearable.

What inevitably happens is that she leaves her appointment feeling like a new person. It’s nothing short of amazing! She usually vows to tell every one of her pregnant friends about her wonderful experience and promises that if she becomes pregnant again, she will start seeing the chiropractor much earlier on and with regularity throughout the entire pregnancy!

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