Chiropractic for Seniors Wishing To Age In PlaceFor seniors, regular Duncanville chiropractic treatment is essential for preventing the development of back pain, misalignment and osteoporosis. The prevelance of such conditions tends to increase as we age, which is why chiropractic treatment is so important as a preventative measure. By learning more about the advantages of chiropractic for seniors, deciding if chiropractic is right for yourself or a senior that you know should be achievable.

Increased Range of Motion in the Spine and Extremities

As we age, maintaining flexibility is essential for retaining the ability to complete everyday actions such as walking up stairs, doing laundry or lifting up a child. An increased range of motion can also compute to higher performance in sports such as golf or being able to garden or complete repairs and maintenance around the house without difficulty.

Decreased Joint Degeneration

As the human body ages, the spine is more prone to damage from a misaligned spine. According to NewMilfordPatch, “A subluxated (misaligned) spine is much like a misaligned wheel on an automobile. This misalignment will cause the spine (and the wheel) to wear out prematurely. Since all moving parts will eventually wear down over time, it is very important to get your spine aligned periodically. Chiropractic care decreases spinal degeneration and other arthritic changes by normalizing the spinal alignment and reducing spinal stress.” With a young body, misalignment may not be so serious. However, older spines can become damaged much more quickly, which is why preventative chiropractic treatment can be so important.

Staying Out of a Nursing Home

No one who is aging looks forward to the day they may need to check into a nursing home. Seniors who underwent regular chiropractic treatment are not only more likely to participate in strenuous exercise and less likely to suffer from arthritis, but also have only a 5% chance of being admitted to a nursing home. It seems that there is a definite connection between chiropractic treatment for seniors and their ability to exercise, leading to a prolonged independent state.

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