Key Health Benefits of Chiropractic CareLast year, in a widely publicized move, the National Institutes of Health decided to partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs on a joint project. The project was designed to look at the growing problem of opioid use among military men and women with chronic pain. In the process, they were to focus on non-pharmaceutical, alternative therapies. Chiropractic care was, and continues to be, one of the items up for consideration.

Chiropractic Care is a Proven Pain Reliever

Chiropractic care has long been proven to help people with chronic back pain. As such, an increasing number of military men and women are now asking their insurance providers and primary care physicians for chiropractic referrals. There have even been studies supporting the treatment’s value.

For example, it 2012 researchers proved that chiropractic care helps military personnel diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. Consequently, many primary care physicians are responding favorably to military members’ requests for chiropractic care referrals.

Military Personnel Have Options

The insurance industry’s response, however, has been a mixed bag. As it stands now, neither TRICARE nor CHAMPVA will pay for chiropractic care but that hasn’t stopped Veterans, active-duty personnel and their families from seeking help. They’re simply paying for chiropractic care in other ways. For example, it may be possible for Veterans and active-duty personnel to use the following payment methods:

  • Private Pay (e.g. Cash, Check, Debit and Credit)
  • Long-term Care and Private Insurances
  • Health Credit Cards and In-house Financing

Veterans and active-duty personnel seeking confirmation of which payment options are accepted in their respective areas should consider reviewing their policies and speaking with area chiropractors. After careful policy review, professional consultation and the presentation of indisputable proof that chiropractic care works, it may be possible to change insurance providers’ minds.

Some Veterans, active service personnel and their families may also want to consider becoming advocates for chiropractic care. It is widely hoped that advocacy efforts will cause insurance companies to change their position and reimburse service personnel for their medical expenditures. To learn more about chiropractic care and how it may benefit military men and women, please click here.

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