Are You Suffering From Subluxation Degeneration?Have you been suffering from incontinence and back pain? If so, a common condition known as subluxation degeneration may be to blame. Subluxation degeneration is a broad term that is used to describe situations when elements of the spine deteriorate due to unresolved damage or misalignment. When incontinence is involved, the sacrum, coccyx, lumbar and thoracic areas may be deteriorating. They contain parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves, which directly help to control bladder function.

The nerves are specifically located in the areas known as S2 through S4 and T11 through L2. When they become pinched, dislocated or damaged, messages sent throughout a body’s central nervous system are lost, mixed up or delayed. As a result, the injured party is apt to experience varying degrees of urine leakage throughout the day and night. This happens most often when the amount of urine in the bladder reaches 400 milliliters or more. For most people, that’s the equivalent of 14 fluid ounces of their favorite beverage.

On a positive note, studies have shown that by relieving the pressure put on to those nerves and putting the spine back into alignment may help decrease episodes of incontinence. The effectiveness all depends on the individual and the reasoning behind the subluxation degeneration.

For example, one study that appeared in a 2006 issue of the Australian Journal of Physiotherapy showed that back pain in women had a strong correlation to incontinence problems. There was a connection to breathing problems as well, which wasn’t surprising given that our spinal cord plays a central role in respiration as well. Some of the assumptions made in the 2006 study were later reconfirmed by a February 2014 article that appeared in The Clinical Journal of Pain.

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